Direct Ink Gamut Plus

The Best Direct to Garment Ink on the market

The Gamut Plus
Performance Advantages:

Print On More Product Types
Including Dark Poly And Poly Blends

The freejet 330TX plus print engine moves over your product dramatically increasing print quality because your product does not move during the print like other systems. High resolution prints achievable up to 5760 dpi on dark and light garments using a combination of our Direct Rip Technology and our Gamut Plus Inks.

Curing Advantages

Conveyor dryer or heat press curing allows for fast cure times

Curing Advantages

Production Advantages:

Faster Setting White

Gamut plus inks can help you optimize your production. Our inks are designed to "set" faster which means you can take advantage of the one pass modes on you printers and no more waiting for white ink to set before printing the color pass.

Quality Is King

More Reliable

Gamut Plus inks flow better in your printer this means more reliable printing with less less head cleanings required.

Exclusive Technology

Not another copy of existing ink. This is a patented NEW technology never seen on DTG inks and only found here at OmniPrint International.

How Gamut Plus
Competes With The Rest

Features Ours Others
Color Gamut Charts Highest after wash fastness Start good but washout
White Level Charts Best white point Weak white performance
White L* Plus 90 Below 90
Curing Press & oven Press only
Cure Time Dark - 90 sec (2x)
Light - 45 sec (2x)
3 min cure
Recommended Cure Temp Cotton 320°F
Polyester 220°F
Fabrics Cotton, Cotton/Poly
Blends, Polyester
Cotton/Polyester Blends
White Lay Down Covers fibrillation
(few volcanos)
Pin holes through out
White Quick Setup White support single
pass printing
Pin holes through out

Batch To Batch Reliability

Gamut plus are built from the ground up to insure quality and repeatability. With our state of the art USA based ISO9001 Certified plant and the highest of quality standards means that every single bottle is going to perform the same every time and you can rely on consistent results print after print.


Use Gamut Plus on any direct to garment or direct to textile printer using Epson(R) DX5, DX7 print heads. Check our compatibility page regularly as we are currently testing and certifying heads monthly. When in doubt email us for more information about compatible printers.