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US Custom Apparels

“The Freejet 330tx is half the size, half the cost, and twice as good. We save so much time on maintenance and we save a ton of ink because of this. We’re going to get another Freejet as soon as we can. It’s almost no maintenance. Ten minutes a day, if that, while we’re having a glass of wine.”

– Frank Candelier,
US Custom Apparels, Northport, Florida
Order volume:

$3,000 average per week


OmniPrint® Freejet 330TX DTG printer


Two clamshell heat presses
Lawson® Digi Drybox for additional curing needs


Lawson Easy Stroke pre-treatment machine for jobs that require white ink
Two Wagner power sprayers (also for pre-treatment)

Other Equipment:

Carts with casters, PC for RIP software

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Special Forces Gear

“OmniPrint's expertise in direct to garment printing turned our T-Shirt business around. We had been struggling with early DTG printers from a defunct manufacturer. We were not eager to take another risk with another manufacturer. OmniPrint first helped fix and keep our equipment running and gave guidance to become more efficient. We followed their suggestions and things started to turn around. We took the next step and purchased two FreeJet 330TX DTG printers and they worked exactly like they were supposed to.

“When we had questions, we got answers quickly. Because things continued to improve with the new machines, we decided to replace our remaining older garment printer with the FreeJet 700TX 8-up DTG printer which has been working better than expected. We put it to the test with a holiday rush on T-shirt orders and it performed excellent.”

– Dave T.
Special Forces Gear, Gardena, California


TypeStyles /

“I was skeptical of DTG from the beginning. I knew I wanted to print dark shirts but most companies warned me of white ink issues. A company recommended I look at the FreeJet, so I found a distributor and spent a day watching and learning how the machine works. It does require care and attention to detail, but I LOVED what it could do. So I ordered one. “Much to my surprise, when I needed help, I found the greatest company service that I have ever had. Jose and the rest of the team want customers for life and they have one in me. Without OmniPrint’s service, I would not be the “go to person” in south Florida for dark

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– Meryl Katlin,
TypeStyles Inc. and
Order volume:

Variable/$5,000 per month


Two OmniPrint® Freejet 330TX DTG printers
Roland DM20 printer cutter for apparel vinyl
Dye sublimation 8.5 X 14 for poly shirts


Six clamshell heat presses
Two hat presses

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Viking Screen Printing

“I like the fact that I can shoot an email or make a call and talk to the person who sold me the Freejet. OmniPrint cares about their customers. They’re always asking me, “Are you having good results? Do you have any problems? Let me know and we’ll work with you to fix it.”
“The Freejets are running eight to nine hours a day, every day. In fact, we don’t do any screen printing anymore

– Laura Hellebush,
Viking Screen Printing, Garrison, North Dakota
Order volume:

40 orders/month, a few to hundreds of pieces each


Two Freejet 330TX DTG printers
Two heat presses
Pre-treatment machine – Viper
4-head and single head embroidery
Vinyl cutter
Dye sublimation printer, 8.5x14 size

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Kittrich Corp.

We chose the FreeJet because working with Victor, Jose and Said, made us feel very confident in Omniprint International. Besides the direct to garment printer being very easy to work with and reliable, OmniPrint has a great reputation, they have on-call support, and they are great at customer service.

– Byron Thiery,
Kittrich Corp. La Mirada, California

DTG Direct to Garment Digital Printers

Print Colorful, Vibrant T-Shirts in Seconds

Best DTG Direct to Garment Digital Printers

For over ten years, OmniPrint has designed, built and supported the best digital DTG direct to garment printers on the market. The DTG Freejet Printer offers unique features and systems that make it more cost-effective and reduce or eliminate downtime that results in lost business.