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Vivid Prints Every Time.

  • WetCap No Clog Maintenance System
  • Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy to use and maintain promo products printer
  • Print to glass, metal, ceramics, wood, plastic and other surfaces
  • Fastest UV-LED printer in its class with bi-directional printing, single-pass printing for white underbase and color ink, and double LED lamps
  • No dry time, no heat press: products are cured and ready to package immediately
  • Profitably print phone cases, pens, bottles, golf balls, and more

Promo Printing. The Future is Now.

Promotional products distribution is a steadily growing industry with thousands of product types with a constant demand for personalization and quality. But one thing promo products distributors can’t avoid is the cost of producing items. Even the most efficient distributors net margins of 35% or lower.

After experiencing success in the direct to garment printer niche, the experts at OmniPrint carefully engineered and launched the Freejet 330UV LED promotional product printer. The 330UV has the capacity to print in vibrant, full color onto all types of promotional products using industry-standard high quality CMYK and white inks.

When you use the Freejet 330UV and our Direct Ink UV/LED ink, every order can be profitable, even very small short run order, at prices your customers will find very affordable.

The Freejet 330UV Solution:
Stop Outsourcing Promo Products Orders

The Freejet 330UV, based on its sibling the Freejet 330TX, is the best quality UV LED printer in its class as well as the best value. The 330UV is the ideal solution for a promo products business seeking to double profit margins and it’s an incredible addition to any existing imaging business or DTG shop looking to expand available product lines.

Slash Lead Times Dramatically

Most UV-LED printers have slow print speeds because they use unidirectional printing and a single lamp for curing. OmniPrint has broken the mold with a second lamp for curing, which enables bi-directional printing. These innovations enable dramatic improvements to production speed!

Why Freejet Replaces Other Printers

In a word, quality. The entire Freejet family of products offers unique features and systems that make it more cost-effective and reduce or eliminate downtime that results in lost business. Other UV ink printers suffer from clogged print heads, stopping during print processes, component breakdowns that require weeks or months of repair and shipping downtime, and poor color matching between source image and printed results. OmniPrint Freejet is the preferred choice of experienced UV printer owners to add to or replace their existing machines.

Wet Cap,
No Clog System

Our exclusive wet-cap/no clog system preserves the life of the print head. This system creates an AIRTIGHT enclosure for the print head, shielding it from the elements and safeguarding against ink clogs. Even when it’s not in use, the Freejet can stand for weeks at a time with no daily maintenance. When you’re ready to print, whether it’s Monday morning after a weekend or January 2 after a two-week absence, the printer is ready to go.

Watch the Wet-Cap,
No Clog System in Action
Wet Cap Technology

Direct Ink for Lasting, Vibrant Prints

Using our Direct Ink UV (powered by DuPont Artistri), the Freejet 330UV produces bright and vivid prints on light and dark items. Our eco-friendly UV-LED inks are also 100% VOC-content-free. Not only does Direct Ink produce great results, it works with a closed bulk ink system. No more fussing with cartridges that create a failure point!

Printer Model FreeJet 330UV Direct to Substrate UV LED Printer
Dimensions 25” x 44” x 18”
Weight 150 lbs.
Print area dimensions 12.79” x 22.75”
Height Adjustment Automatic, up to 5”
Power Requirements AC 110/220 25W; 70 VA active/20VA idle
Available platens Pen, Golf Ball, Phone Case, Bottle, Coaster and more
Printing Method Direct to Garment Ink Jet Printing; Single-Pass for white base and color
Print Head Technology Ink Jet Piezo Drop on Demand
Maintenance Auto Maintained with Wet Cap No Clog System
Print Direction Bi-Directional
Interface USB 2.0
Printing Resolution Maximum 5760dpi
Software Requirements Windows® 7 and later; Mac using Parallels or similar emulator
Ink Type UV LED Direct Ink
Ink Channels 8 Channels: CMYK + WWWW or CMYK + CMYK
Ink Supply Method Sealed Bulk Ink System, complete white ink circulation
Garment Pre treatment Optional for some substrates
Voltage AC 110 / 220 25W
Power Consumption 70 VA (varies on activity) 20VA (idle)
Environmental Conditions Temperature 10-25C / Humidity 50%-80%
RIP Software Direct Rip Included
Printing Substrates Man-made materials of all types