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APPLY TODAY FOR 0% FINANCING The amazing FreeJet 330tx is the perfect entry level direct to garment printer. This price won’t last forever!





See our Freejet 330TX In Action!

Our Direct to Garment guru, Jose breaks down the 330TX

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User Friendly

The user friendly FreeJet direct to garment printer is simple to set up, simple to use and simple to maintain, anyone can run it! Thanks to FreeJet’s industry exclusive No Clog System, printer upkeep and maintenance is hassle free. What that means to you is, no clogged print heads, no down time, no headaches, just dependable equipment, ready to print when you are!

High Speed

Built for high capacity on demand printing, FreeJet’s robust design coupled with our industry leading DirectRIP software makes the FreeJet optimal for light to medium production print runs.  Print jobs instantly, without the costly setup, without the hassle.

Easy To Use Software

Not simply sign converted software, our user friendly DirectRIP software is built strictly for DTG printing!  DirectRIP features:
  • Automatic ink cost calculator, so you can properly price your jobs.
  • White base generation that moderates ink usage, all while keeping image bright and vivid, translating directly ink savings.
  • RIP While Print image processing during printing, eliminating  processing time and  dramatically reducing total print time.

Print Colorful and Vibrant T-shirts In Seconds

The Gold Standard in Direct to Garment Printers.

Outstanding Support and Training

You have  a question, we have your answer. On top of our regular service hours we are available on live chat 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Print Eye Catching Graphics

Bring your vision to life with our DTG Freejet series. Our DTG technology can print on dark and light garments with ease.Our DirectRip software  optimizes  your images, making your direct to garment  prints  brighter, more vivid!

Save with Bulk Ink

The FreeJet DTG printer line runs on a bulk ink system and what that means to you is savings. Eliminating the cost and hassle associated with ink cartridges, ends up adding profit to your bottom line.  And the bottom line is, with our high flow bulk ink system running your garment jobs on the FreeJet you save at least 50% on ink cost per year.

Offer Your Customers The Best DTG Printing Technology.

Experience the quality of our Direct to Garment printing solutions.

The FreeJet DTG series is the true, high quality, low maintenance, direct to garment printer on the market. With our industry only “Wet Cap” No clog system, that keeps your print head and cleaning system clean, you can’t lose! Even when not in use, your machine can stand for weeks without the need of daily maintenance. How many of our competitors can say that? The FreeJet will be ready to print when you are. Hassle free, guaranteed!

FreeJet printers are powered by our industry leading DirectRip software system and print seamlessly on any dark colored or light colored garments. When used with our DirectInk (powered by Dupont Artistri) the FreeJet can print any color rich graphics you can imagine. If you can create it, our machine can bring it to life.

Our Commitment

At Omniprint International we believe in a 100% transparent sales process. Meaning, the minute you interact with us, we will be up front and honest about everything we have to offer. This is how we maintain our client base and grow our company. Whether you are looking to purchase ink or one of our DTG solutions, we are here to help.

Our Technologies

We are dedicated to providing high quality equipment solutions for your business needs.  Our equipment is the highest rated in the industry, both in quality and output. SGIA independent review acclaimed the FreeJet as one of  the best Direct to Garment printers on the market today. Find out why

Our Solutions

Omniprint International has been a leader in the DTG industry for over 10 years. We are one of the first companies to master quality printing on both dark and light garments. We continue to innovate and develop technology, bringing our customers the latest solutions. Our FreeJet series includes: the 330tx, 500tx and 700tx. Whether you are small business or a large corporation, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Introducing the Brand New DTG Job Network!

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Join our DTG Job Network and get access to jobs that need to be fulfilled in your area! All you need to sign up is owning one of our FreeJet Printers.


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Submit your job to our DTG Jobs Network and have a Omniprint FreeJet owner print the job for you! It’s completely free so sign up today!

What Others Are Saying About Us

See what some of our customers have to say about Omniprint.
  • We chose the FreeJet because working with Victor, Jose and Said, made us feel very confident in Omniprint International.  Besides the direct to garment printer being very easy to work with and reliable, we really bought the machines because of the great reputation and on call support they offer and the fact that they are great at customer service

    Byron Thiery Kittrich Corp. La Mirada, CA
  • OmniPrint's expertise in direct to garment printing turned our T-Shirt business around, we had been struggling for years through 3 early generations of direct to garment printers from a manufacturer now out of business that was unable to provide proper support both in service and parts. Left in a position with obsolete machines,no support from the manufacturer, unhappy customers and huge labor costs due to the inefficiency of the equipment we were not eager to make another mistake with trying another manufacturer. OmniPrint came in and helped fix and keep our equipment running giving us support. They preformed an evaluation of our operation with guidance on how to become more efficient. We followed their suggestions as best we could and things started to turn around. We then took it another step and purchased 2 FreeJet 330TX singles tation FreeJets and it was a new experience they actually worked like they supposed to and if we had questions we could get the answers quickly. Things continued to improve with the new machines and because of how well things were working we decided to replace our remaining older garment printer with the FreeJet 700TX 8 up machine and that has been working better then expected. We put it to the test with the Holiday rush on T shirts and it performed excellent.

    Dave T.Special Forces Gear. Gardena, CA
  • I actually first saw a DTG machine 4 years before I bought mine. I researched what they were all about and how I could fit it into my budget and work flow. I was getting calls from all the DTG manufactureres to pick theirs, but I was afraid of being at the end of the day with a big order and the machine breaking down (I worked in print shops for years and the techs basically had their mail forwarded to the shops!) Plus the machines looked flimsey and like plastic toys for a lot of money. I knew I wanted to print dark shirts and that was also an issue for most of the companies, all warning me of the issues. We were recommended to take a look at the FreeJet and basically I took that recommendation, I found the distributor and travelled to his location for a day of schooling and to see how the machine works, It is not a piece of cake and does require care and attention to detail, but I LOVED what it could do. So I ordered one. That day when we went to pick it up the distributor told me that he would only be available for any issues a couple of hours in the morning and he would not answer his phone after that, I thought I was in big trouble, but as most people are lazy (not me) they just didn't care. He did one thing for me that I will always be grateful for. He gave me the direct number for OmniPrint and told me to call them directly with any questions. So I did and much to my surprise I found the greatest company service that I have ever had. Jose Haro is as dedicated and knowledgable as possible. He wants a customer for life and he has one. Without the service that OmniPrint has provided I would not be the Go-To person in South Florida for Dark Tee shirts. People in the trade use me for their short runs and proofs. Customers are amazed at the quality of their artwork and artists flock to my store. We built an online website around the FreeJet. We run that machine every day. I would never buy another DTG machine from any other company other than OmniPrint and I tell everyone the same thing. There is no better service and no better quality print!

    Meryl KatlinTypeStyles Inc. AND MakeATeeOnline.com

Partners We Work With

We take pride in our long standing partnerships with top quality brands in the industry. Over the years we have worked with various suppliers, associations and strategic affiliates to help us bring you top tier DTG technologies. Here are just a few.

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